Samantha Childs Original Oil Paintings

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Samantha Childs - Direct from Artist
Original Oil Painting

Size: 18x22 inches
Medium: oil paint on unstretched canvas
COA: Certificate of Authenticity from Samantha Childs

About the Artist

Samantha Childs is an artist that explores light and texture in realistic portraits of animals and landscapes using oils. Her animal portraiture is exceptionally vivid because she tends to use a warmer palette, bringing the animals to life on canvas.

She grew up surrounded by dogs and horses, and her work over the last 20+ years reflects his love of animals and wildlife. As a child, she travelled on long cross-country trips with her family and began sketching the passing landscapes and wildlife to entertain herself. Her favorite subjects were of course his own dogs, Frisbee and Cosmo.

Samantha discovered a natural aptitude for working with oils, and would lose herself in her studio, painting at every opportunity. She was discovered when an acquaintance who bred dogs asked for custom portraits of some of her most beloved pets. She hung her work on the wall of her office, and gave out his name to anyone who asked about them, and Samantha began selling his work to galleries.

Today she works full time in her studio in Birmingham, MI, and resides nearby with her husband and kids.